Alethia Mentorship Uganda

Alethia Mentorship exists to speak life-giving words of hope and truth to young women and girls in Uganda. We believe that every woman has intrinsic worth, and that through intentional mentorship, they can awaken to their full potential.



Here at Alethia, our team of carefully selected mentors plays the role of "Big sister" to our mentees. We know that a timely word of encouragement or advice could change the course of a young woman's life forever. Our service model takes mentees through a six month journey of self discovery and self awareness (with the possibility of extension) as they walk with mentors who have stood in their shoes and beaten the odds to succeed in their chosen fields. Our biggest goal at Alethia Mentorship is to cultivate generations of empowered, strong and educated young women.


Core Values

Dancing Hands


Reinforcing the value of Education


Building Multigenerational relationships


Providing resources for Success

African American Kids Dancing
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