• Suzannah Omonuk


Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Did you know that Uganda has one of the highest school dropout rates in the world? In 2012 UNESCO reported that two in five students who start school will not complete Primary Education. Furthermore, these findings pointed to the fact that Uganda has the second highest school dropout rate in Africa, sitting at a ridiculous 71%. For young girls in Uganda, these numbers are even bleaker. The United Nation Girls' Education Initiative reports that almost half of female youth in Uganda between the ages of 15-24 are illiterate and that four in five girls will not attend high school in their lifetime.

Female youth are born into a society that renders them worthless, often before they even say their first word. In a country that is still battling menstrual stigma, child marriages and pregnancies, 40% of girls in Uganda are married off before the age of 18. They are yet children themselves, but will be relegated to the role of a child mother whose responsibilities will keep her in a kitchen or garden for most of her life.

I created Alethia Mentorship to play a small role in being a part of the solution. For those of us who have beaten these ugly odds, it is important to show our contemporaries that their stories do not have to end in yet another statistic. Alethia means truth. The truth that Girls are just as intelligent as their male counterparts. The truth that Education is one of the most powerful weapons in the developing world against cyclical poverty. And most importantly, the truth that Girls have intrinsic value and worth, whether they are illiterate or not.

My long term goal is to see a multigenerational community of empowered, educated women who are going out into society and sharing their stories of triumph and hope with other young women who are up against the same mountains that they themselves have climbed. The World Bank reports that

there would be a 14%-19% rise in a woman's wages if she got an education, and that female education also results in reduced child marriages, births and mortality rates. It is for this reason that I am inviting you to join Alethia mentorship in the redemptive work of rewriting the future of young girls and women in Uganda.

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